DABISM: Revolutionary!

Dabistic Technique

The remarkable DABISTIC™ technique allows for a painting to have three characteristics:

Similarities With Other Techniques

The DABISTIC™ technique carries pointillism to a heightened degree. In pointillism, the collision of light-waves from existing color refractions blends a color at a point in distance from the canvas. This merger allows for two adjacent colors on the surface to blend into a color that exists only in space. In other words, a yellow hue placed beside a blue hue on the canvas turns green in the viewer's eyes at a point in space off of the canvas. Due to similarities between pointillisim and dabism, the final color on the dabistic mesh receives layers of true colors of the subject matter creating realism; but the under woven structure's creativity is where the colors' intensity is generated from. The colors on the shell of the painting are no different from any other painting; it's the breathing of reflections beneath the realistic painted shell that creates the pulsating effect. There is nothing like it.