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Digital images cannot portray the meticulous details and infinite nuances of color found in paintings rendered by DAB.


DAB's "dabberly" style impressionist works are truly unique, as oil paint is used to actually SCULPT and create fascinating three-dimensional paintings.

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White Point Gazebo Close Up Thumb

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Along with his ability to capture the most minute detail allowing him to achieve a heightened level of REALISM, DAB painstakingly applies layers upon layers of glazes resulting in strikingly beautiful paintings.

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Combined with the "Dabberly" Impressionist style, paintings rendered with the remarkable DABISTIC™ technique require a lengthy process, some even years to complete!

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White Point Gardens Close Up Thumb

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"Intriguing" and "Amazing" are words used to describe DAB's DRAWINGS. Upon close study, one is intrigued by the multiple images and shapes that are embedded in the overall composition as well as their significance.

The images on some drawings change with each 90 degree rotation, including up to 360 degrees on two drawings. The rotation completely alters the overall composition and subject matter. DAB believes this is an achievement that has never been accomplished in the art world. These drawings were created by an ordinary ball-point pen. Amazing!

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